Recently you´ve played on Metalfest open air in Czech republic so you have fresh experience with czech audience. How did you enjoy playing and staying here and what do you remember the most from here?

The audience was very warm with us and we had very good response … we played quite early so unfortunately not all the audience of the festival was there but that was fair enough for nice show and good communication with the audience who was there… some people in the pit seem to know our songs and especially „Legions of the Rising Sun“ while singing on the chorus…

Then we took our time after the show to hang out with many metal fans from cz and metalfest in plzen was one of our hightlights during this years’s insurrection tour over europe… what we remember the most was that many metal fans that we met after the show were very familiar with our music!

You should also play on another czech festival in Borkovany this summer, but your show way cancelled. What happened?

What happened was between our management and booking and the promoter of the festival…

What I know is that they couldn’t manage to get all the guarantees of the contract before the show and that they offered to the promoter to fly in the band to Wien for really doing this show but the promoter couldn’t even afford to pick up the band in Wien and to pay 5 flight tickets which was even cheaper than the money guaranteed in the contract!

But we promise we will be back in CZ in better conditions…

We nevertheless don’t blame this promoter because he tried everything that was in his power…

After release of your latest album „Insurrection“ you did a few club gigs and played on some festivals. Do you also planning longer tour after this summer?

Yes we have the second part of the „Insurrection tour“ in March coming up…

we will be touring with Sabaton in southern europe… looking forward!

In autumn you´ll play in Tel-Aviv (along with Sabaton and Ripper Owens). Is it somehow special for you to play in „non-typical“ countries like Israel?

This is not the first time we played in Israel and this time was hug response and great audience! There we consider as we have a real fan base! Its not like we just discovered the country! We already played in 2006 at the Koltura club one headlining show and we found that there too, we got loyal fans… but in August together with Sabaton and Tim Ripper Owens, it was to the next level! Packed venue and crazy audience!

We will not forget this moment with all the crowd siging the songs with special highlight on the Dio cover, „Holy Diver“…

Your shows are full of energy and whole band is (as far as I can say) very nice and open to your fans – is that something you prearranged among you or is it just naturally coming from character of each member?

I think this is naturally in our blood! There no point about playing on stage discover new audiences in different countries and not have any contacts with them! I don’t understand bands who are not open to their fans and play shows only for themselves!

Do you have some experience from live show that was most unforgettable for you (in best or in worst way)?

The shows in Tel Aviv and especially the last one in august 27 was one of the best of our career but there are always manu unforgettable moments in many other shows! The shows at Wacken (2000, 2002 and 2010) are also great souvenirs and most of the time when you meet such great musicians and famous persons like Tim Ripper Owens in Israel on last august or the members and Savatage and Jeff Waters at the Rock Machina festival in Valencia/Spain in 2002… the worst? Maybe in 1985 close to geneva when we arrived to play in a festival just to know that the promoter run and escaped with the money of the tickets sales and disappeared before the doors open!

Do you personaly have some band that you wish to tour together with?

My dream of all time would have been to make a tour with Crimson Glory !

Between your two albums „Power of the Universe“ and „Cosmovision“ is 16 years, when band was not active. What happened that you decided to put the line-up together again and carry on? Who came with this idea?

We were not unactive after “Power of the Universe“ and we did lot of things until changing completely the lin-up in 1987 bringing british singer Tom Jackson with a complete new band and new style!

Those destoying the band to come up to a split in 1988!

All band members at that time has gone to different occupations, I personally went to live in Canada for 3 years! And the gap between this time and our reunion had a 12 years length! Its during a birthday party that we all met again and had the idea to jam together for fun and from this, started a real project of reunion especially after the successful reunion show we did in our hometown of Grenoble/France in 1999…

From there, everything re-started again…

You also have very interesting and unusual change in line-up. Jo Amore is one of the original members of the band, but not on the position of the singer, right?

He is singer now because during our stop of 12 years he became singer of a band named Temple! He improved and expanded from there to be what he is today: among the best heavy metal singers of the decade! but before 1987 he was drummer in Nightmare!

Could you approximate us the metal scene in France? Do bands have good conditions there? How it looks with the chances to get a good contract with labels, touring etc.?

The metal scene in France is pretty effective especially in the extreme styles and that’s why Nightmare is more active internationally! Bands like Gojira really exploded internationally and even if they are quite big in France they are growing bigger abroad! That is the french syndrome! You will never see a french band headlining a big festival like in others countries like Germany!  But all bands have basically good conditions here to play in concer! As for labels its something else, there are not many labels very active except for XIII Bis records, Season of Mist or Listenable records and Osmose! The rest being very small…

And what about home audience? Do they have some specifics (compare to czech for example)?

The least to say is that french are very hard to move! The audience is cool but not as crazy as Israel or Spain for example, especially for heavy metal!

Your typical theme for lyrics are science fiction visions (especially the picture of Armageddon). Do you get inspiration from some books or movies? And how important are lyrics in your music?

Lyrics are important to fit with the music! We are inspired by many things that can be books or movies or every day life! It depends of the inspiration of the day! Basically, we are very attracted by strong subjects or themes and our visions are pretty dark! A song like „Gospel of Judas“ is very black metal in the mood and spirit for instance!

Recently you´ve signed contract with AFM records. Does it brings some new possibilities and advantages for band? And does it somehow influenced the recording of the new album?

Its not influencing anything! Its just a label that us very known internationally and that fits perfectly to our music! They also have biggest power on the german market which is very important fore us … we feel more at home than on a label like Regain where we were before if you compare the rosters of both labels but Regain records was a nice step for the band and we thank them for what they did for us!

It´s quite hard to get your first two albums. Did you ever think about releasing them again in reedition?

Already been released through brennus music! you can check there: http://www.brennus-music.com/

What are your plans for the closest future? Do you already planning next album?

We have already planned next record yes to be released in 2011 and also the second part of our „Insurrection“ tour as well as the release of our dvd! I guess the year to come will be very busy for Nightmare once more time!

Thank you for your time! If you have any message for czech fans, feel free to write it 😉

We enjoyed the time we spent in CZ at Metalfest, and we are looking forward to come again very soon ! stay tuned ! And thanx for the support !

Dekuji !!!!!!!!!